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In anime, there is a common trend that characters with superior weapons and technology will win a battle. This is perfectly understandable. These characters are usually adept at killing and are equipped to do just that. However, there have been many instances where a poorly armed character prevailed, relying solely on their natural abilities.

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They overpower adversaries with such strength that it doesn’t matter how well-prepared their opponents might be. These characters and their victories allow fans to appreciate the power of the human spirit and how far it might help one succeed.

10 Luffy Overcame Krieg’s Arsenal (One Piece)

Known as the underhanded scourge of the High Seas, Don Krieg benefited from an assortment of weapons. Between poison gas, nets, and even exploding spears, he was one of the most technologically advanced and versatile opponents that Luffy faced.

As usual, Luffy did not bother attempting to fight around Krieg’s weapons. In many instances, he simply shrugged off the man’s attacks and powered through them. This took Krieg off-guard and led to his defeat, as his gear was not prepared to deal with an opponent so durable and tenacious.

9 Meruem Ravaged The NGL (Hunter X Hunter)

When the chimera ants intensified their presence in the NGL, resistance increased along with it. Rumors of attacks and disappearances spread, and before long, entire militias hunted down the woodland monsters. However, they did not pose a threat after Meruem was born.

Fast enough to kill a dozen people in a fraction of a second and capable of surviving a nuclear bomb, Meruem dominated the countryside, seized the capital, and declared himself the region’s new ruler under a puppet. In the end, Meruem’s raw speed and strength overwhelmed his opponents regardless of their technological edge.

8 Humanity Was No Match For Hell’s Forces (Devilman Crybaby)

When Satan finally revealed his identity and unleashed his hordes of demons, the forces of humanity rushed to defend themselves. In a desperate bid for survival, they banded together and attacked their infernal adversaries. The world’s armies had developed extraordinary technology for such an occasion and were not even above using nuclear warfare.

Although they were successful in thinning the demons’ numbers, Satan ultimately succeeded in destroying the planet and killing all life on it. He only realized how much he’d miss humans after it was too late to remedy his mistake.

7 Joseph Joestar Used Hamon To Win A Bar Fight (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Joseph Joestar was a proficient Hamon user since he was born. This allowed him to remain a somewhat relevant threat, especially against less than superhuman opponents. During a visit to a restaurant, Smokey was harassed by a vulgar patron. This prompted Joseph to step in on his behalf.

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Without any hesitation, the thug pulled out brass knuckles and prepared for a throwdown. However, Joseph’s Hamon provided a much more useful weapon even if he lacked a technological edge. It resulted in a gratifying beat down that better established Joseph’s character.

6 Temari Overcame Tenten’s Ninja Arsenal (Naruto)

Able to produce vast numbers of ninja tools in a frighteningly short amount of time, Tenten was perhaps the most technologically advanced kunoichi of her era. Still, she was unprepared for Temari and her potent wind-based jutsu.

With a single sweep of her fan, Temari sent all of Tenten’s projectiles scattering in separate directions. This rendered her vulnerable to direct attack, especially since he didn’t have anything that could actually block her opponent. Temari’s victory over Tenten was so one-sided that other spectators took note.

5 Luffy Used Advanced Armament Haki To Escape Udon (One Piece)

Queen thought that he had Luffy in the palm of his hand. In an attempt to torture the young man to death, he forced him into a small square and put an explosive collar around his neck. Should he leave the arena’s perimeters, it would explode and kill him instantly.

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However, Luffy learned advanced armament haki from Hyogoro, which allowed him to disable its effects. When Queen captured Big Mom and brought her to Onigashima, he used his chance to escape and return to his allies.

Having hurriedly returned home after his train blew up, King Bradley found the Northern Brigade’s forces already well entrenched in Amestris. They surrounded the capital in hopes of seizing it and weren’t long from forcing its occupants to surrender.

Armed with only a sword, Bradley dodged bullets, sliced through tanks, and defeated dozens of enemies before arriving back at his own doorstep. He used his outstanding nature as a homunculus in order to perceive enemy attacks and respond in a way that made him nearly invincible. In the end, no amount of technology could defeat him.

3 Shunsui Fought Around Starrk’s Deadly Guns (Bleach)

Starrk had a noticeable advantage over Shunsui. He was able to channel his spiritual pressure through guns in order to unleash hundreds of deadly ceros. This made him an even greater technological threat than Szayel Aporro Granz, whose approach was far less direct and overwhelming.

However, Shunsui managed to defeat him through a variety of cunning tactics. In addition to using misdirection, he constantly adjusted his position in a way that Starrk struggled to adapt. The Gotei captain’s underhanded tactics enabled his victory in spite of being less well armed.

2 Baki Used Martial Arts To Escape Prison (Baki)

Baki went to prison in order to challenge Biscuit Oliva for his reputation. However, given the man’s high prestige, it was almost impossible to arrange a fight with him. As a result, Baki broke out of jail and took a walk through the courtyard. Dozens of armed gunmen attempted to detain him, though he proved too quick for them to shoot.

Consequently, Baki became the second “unchained” person in prison using martial arts alone. The guards didn’t have anything to threaten him with, so his treatment improved significantly after his initial escape.

1 The World’s Armies Could Not Stop Eren Yeager (Attack On Titan)

When the Rumbling first came to Marley, the world’s armies quickly arranged a response. They gathered a staggering amount of battleships and positioned them in the titans’ path. Next, they unleashed the full extent of their firepower and even managed to topple a wall titan.

However, there were much too many monsters for even an armada of that size to realistically defeat. The world underestimated Paradis’ immense and primordial strength, which led to widespread death and chaos. In the end, only the Allied Coalition could stop Eren’s onslaught.

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