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Here are ways by which an appropriate technological product can help an organisation add to its business goals.

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New Delhi,UPDATED: Oct 17, 2022 15:16 IST

5 ways on how technology can transform an organisation's talent into market value

5 ways on how technology can transform an organisation’s talent into market value

By India Today Web Desk: The HR departments in today’s day and age have a wonderful opportunity to leverage technology to manage and improve the overall employee experience – from pre-hire to post-hire. If properly planned and implemented, not only does it do a world of good to the employee’s well-being, it also has the potential to transform the workforce.

With hiring and employee retention being a perennial challenge across the board, HR needs to dedicate resources towards running tech solutions backed by agile processes. So, it is important to understand, choose, and implement the best-suited technology solutions from which it can deliver the maximum value.

Here are 5 ways an appropriate technological product can help an organisation add to its business goals.


The key to business success has a lot to do around optimizing the workforce to the best of their skills and abilities. New-age technology solutions can seamlessly track employee performance and provide cues to the HR functionaries, whether there is a requirement for training or developmental modules.


The introduction of Cloud HR technology has brought a sea change to the employee experience. The pandemic has also played its part in accelerating the adoption of Cloud HR technology. It can keep all the employees informed and empowered through collaboration tools, instant notification, followed by productivity tracking.


Automation is a buzzword not only in the HR space but across different functions. However, the application of automation in HR has a symbiotic relevance. From the moment a candidate is hired, every other formality from collecting the document, to tracking and verifying candidates’ information, to getting the documents digitally signed by the candidate, can seamlessly manage the entire employee experience even before the joining date.


Data is the new oil and there is no better time than now to use it. A typical HR department has a treasure trove of data in various systems. Modern-day HR platforms can analyse this data and identify patterns that can immensely support business performance.

For example, if in an organization there is a horde of resignations within the first year of joining, these platforms will help identify the pattern and define the rationale. Which will eventually help the organization roll out corrective measures.


Post the pandemic, we have witnessed a flurry of HR trends affecting the organization’s HR department. Be it from the likes of Work from Anywhere, white-collar lethargy, or quiet quitting.

This is where an adaptable HR solution can increase efficiency. It can create processes to manage different scenarios. It stays flexible and customizable to match the ever-evolving demands of the organization.

Article by: Sumit Sabharwal, CEO, TeamLease HRtech

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