Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

Automation platform Ivanti’s new study explores whether current technological advancements and professionals are working in tandem, as well as how these tools can impact employee morale. 

The Digital Employee Experience (DEX) study of 10,000 workers across various hierarchies showed that 49% of respondents are frustrated with their current workplace technology, while 64% agreed that their interaction with these tools has a direct impact on their morale. 

Not only does improper technology hinder an employee’s motivation at work, 26% said they are considering leaving their jobs due to this, while 42% have been forced to purchase their own tech to work better. 

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However, the report also unveiled inconsistencies between how office workers, IT professionals, and C-Suite executives view the role of technology in the future of work.  

For instance, 13% of knowledge workers said they preferred to be in the office full-time, while 56% of chief experience officers believe that this arrangement is required for productivity. Simultaneously, 74% of C-suite respondents also said they have become more productive since the beginning of the pandemic. 

Even more, the report showed that productivity was the top priority for C-Suite respondents, with culture and employee satisfaction lagging behind. 

“The Everywhere Workplace has forever changed employee expectations when it comes to where they work, how they work, and what device they work on,” said Jeff Abbott, CEO of Ivanti CEO.  

“How employees interact with technology and their satisfaction with that experience directly relates to the success and value they deliver to the organization. The Digital Employee Experience should be a board level priority, and IT teams are poised to be strategic leaders in their organization to make it happen.” 

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