Mon. Jan 30th, 2023

Aaron Rodgers was in Lake Tahoe over the weekend where he played in a celebrity golf tournament and although he didn’t end up winning the thing, he did win a pretty monstrous bet against Charles Barkley. 

It was a bet that only happened because Barkley was making fun of Rodgers’ man bun during a telecast last month. Barkley was a commentator during “The Match VI,” which featured Rodgers and Tom Brady teaming up to play against Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen. During the event, Barkley spent half the broadcast making fun of Rodgers’ man bun. 

“If you were like a plumber, it wouldn’t work,” Barkley said of the man bun. “I mean, you are Aaron Rodgers, so you can get away with stuff.”

Rodgers then responded by making the the bet. 

“If you beat me at Tahoe, I’ll let you chop off my man bun,” the Packers QB said. 

With Rodgers putting his hair on the line, Barkley also had to put something on the line and the TNT commentator said that he would donate $25,000 to the charity of Rodgers’ choice if the Packers QB beat him in Tahoe. 

If there had been odds on this bet, Barkley probably would have been about a 1000-to-1 long shot and that’s because Rodgers is a much better golfer. In last year’s American Century Championship, Barkley finished in 76th place while Rodgers finished in 23rd. 

The tournament uses the Modified Stableford where an eagle gets six points, a birdie gets three points, a par gets one point and a bogey gets zero points (You also lose two points for a double bogey). After beating Barkley by 62 points last year, Rodgers probably figured there was no way he was going to lose and he was right. 

In the 2022 tournament, Rodgers ended up finishing ninth overall with a score of 50, and six of those points came on the final hole when he drained a putt for eagle. 

On the other hand, Barkley once again struggled. Although he finished in his highest spot ever — tied for 74th overall — he still shot a -25, which was 75 points behind Rodgers. 

Basically, this was almost certainly the easiest $25,000 that Rodgers has ever won. Although Rodgers won the money, it won’t be going to him. According to USA Today, Barkley’s money will be going to the North Valley Community Foundation, which is charity that’s located in Rodgers’ hometown of Chico, California. 

Rodgers’ score of 50 ended up being just 12 points shy of the tournament’s winning score, which was put together by none other than CBS Sports’ Tony Romo. The former Cowboys quarterback took home first place in Tahoe after holding off Mark Mulder and Joe Pavelski in a playoff. 

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