Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

School is right around the corner and so is the looming decision of what to wear to class. With no uniforms or dress codes, picking an outfit can be a daunting assignment. Here’s some key fashion pieces for every college closet.


Biker short sets are all the rage now. Once you buy one, you go back and buy it in every color. The functional shorts can be paired with tops of different styles — from regular sport bras, one shoulder bras, all the way to cap sleeve crop tops. Amazon has great options for back-to-school sets. Prices range from $10 to $30. If you want to spice up this outfit, add a long white button down to transform your athleisure to corporate girl-on-the-go.


Colorful graphic tees are back in action. Pair a a graphic tee with biker shorts to give a more casual, comfortable look. Urban Outfitters, in Perkins Rowe, has always been the place to shop for graphic tees in Baton Rouge. The Doors T-Shirt Dress, Market X Smiley Twilight Tie Dye Tee and Cactus Garden Flame Tee all add the color you wardrobe is asking for. If you’re more into neutral colors but still want a fun design, Urban Outfitters has you covered. The Cowgirl UFO Artist Collection Graphic Tee and Maren Morris Graphic Tee can give that flare you’re looking for.


Whether you want them to be or not, low-rise, baggy jeans are back in action. Now, if they’re here to stay, well, that’s up to you. These jeans are loose and comfortable while still managing to give you a structured outfit. Baggy on baggy isn’t everyone’s taste, so trading in your graphic tee with a baby tank is always an easy transition. Just like most of Y2K style, baby tanks and tees are trending again. Amazon and Urban Outfitters has great options for a range of sizes and prices.


LSU is no small campus and speed-walking from class to class is inevitable when your schedule is packed. Comfortable shoes are crucial. When trying to pick a trusty shoe you can never go wrong with a good pair of tennis shoes. Nike, Hoka, Brooks and more all have options that can fit your personal preferences. These shoes could last you through your college career and also be your workout shoes when you take a trip to the UREC or walk the lakes.

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