Mon. May 29th, 2023

The morning after Paul Pelosi was attacked, the New York Times relegated the story to the bottom corner of its front page, framing the incident as a banal crime rather than attempted assassination of the speaker of the House within two weeks of the midterm elections.

Matt and Laura call the decision to place the story so low and to frame it as they did a bad take. Holding it up as a proxy for media coverage, Matt and Laura agree that in ducking the straightforward political context, the media allowed the right to hijack the story and cast doubt on what happened.

Matt argues that to understand why Pelosi has become a villain of the right, you have to understand her legacy as an effective leader, but one who has bucked conventions around keeping power. Laura thinks you also have to understand sexism.

Suggested Reads:

Pelosi’s Husband Is Gravely Injured in Hammer Attack by an Intruder, Kellen Browning, Tim Arango, Luke Broadwater and Holly Secon, New York Times [the “bad take”]

“Pelosi,” Molly Ball [a Laura favorite]

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