Thu. Oct 6th, 2022

The President of the Honorable Deliberative Council of General Pueradón, Marina Sánchez Herrero, accompanied by the National Deputy, visited the knowledge economy ecosystem of the Acceleradora Neutron in Mar del Plata. Fasundo Manes.

During the meeting, Sánchez Herrero highlighted the strategic development of the technology and innovation district that is already underway in Mar del Plata. In this regard, he said: “We work to empower existing technology companies and promote the establishment of new ventures and new investments. The economy of our city is changing by social and culturalIt is part of the knowledge economy, which complements its industrial, tourist, fishing and entrepreneurial profile, with an ecosystem oriented towards innovation based on the promotion and development of activities.

for its part, facundo manes He highlighted the work done in the technical district of Mar del Plata: “You are the best example of the model of the country we want in the future, a knowledge society, with education, planning and training in new technologies. A strong knowledge The commitment to generate an economy must be amongst all, universities, scientific laboratories, companies, entrepreneurs and the state.”

In conclusion, Sánchez Herrero said: “We have to be prepared to meet the new challenges that society demands of us. Education, the development of new technologies and the application of science are links in the same productive chain.”

they were part of the journey Chancellor of the National University of Mar del Plata, Silvia Berardo, CEO of Neutron Accelerator Maximiliano González Kunz, CEO of Grupo Nucleo Mauro Guerrero, Alejandro Cordero, CEO of InnovaSpace, CEO of Lothal Mining Damian Miano and researcher of CONICET and Tricom Silvana Coleman. ATICMA officials Bernardo Rodriguez Sainz, president and members Renato Rossello, Marcelo Martin and Mariano Lerner also participated.

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