Wed. Mar 29th, 2023

This is my last Chico E-R political letter. I’m done. No more creative energy on two-party politics, unless it’s about deep and meaningful solutions across the divide. Or defeating the cancer of equating abhorrent behavior, and lawful investigations into serious crimes, as just politics. Not everything is politics, or at least it shouldn’t be. Myself included.

I was pushed to move my dimly lit involvement in politics to darkness when a local political operative, whom I respect, whispered of candidates who experienced serious mental health crisis when they lost. The lack of money and resources from their affiliated party left them isolated and threatened. I had considered writing a mocking letter as I was so frustrated and angry the last election cycle. I thought better of venting as what good would that do? None. And what harm could be done? A lot!

The issue is the system, not so much the people. Most of whom are good and decent. Simply: locally both major political parties are failing us. The national stage is a bit brighter with recent liberal spending bills, including progressive legislation directly assisting middle and low income citizens.

The Republican party is a disgrace as they pass local laws to suppress and subvert people’s right to vote, while seeking to elect Secretary of States that believe and parrot the big lie that Trump won the election. I agree with President Biden’s recently coined term “semi-fascist” as it applies to MAGA Trump Republicans.

Lights out.

— Bill Mash, Chico


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