Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

New video shows the dramatic helicopter rescue of an 83-year-old woman from the roof of a home that was devastated by the deadly flooding in Kentucky. 

A clip posted by the Wolfe County Search and Rescue Team on Sunday showed rescue workers lifting the woman from the roof of a home that was nearly fully submerged in the floodwaters, which have killed at least 35 people

According to the post, Wolfe County Swift Water crew members broke through the window of the home to gain access and transported five people trapped in the attic, including the 83-year-old woman. 

We wanted to share how amazing our friends at DET 1 C/2-238th AVN – Wildcat DUSTOFF are. This residence had 5 members trapped in the attic. Wolfe County Swift Water techs broke through a window to gain access to the family. One at a time, they were transported out of the home to gain acceess to the roof where a guardsman was positioned to assist with the hoist. On this particular evolution, an 83yr old femaile was hoisted to safety. Although team members had moved to a safe distance during the hoist, you can still witness the power of the rotor wash and it’s impact on the teams ability to maintain position. Teams coming together to save lives. We would also like to thank the other countelss agencies from across the state and beyond that came in to assist.

Posted by Wolfe County Search & Rescue Team on Sunday, July 31, 2022

The rescue comes as the death toll from the floods has risen to at least 35 people. The number is expected to grow. Last week’s massive flooding left over 12,000 customers without power and destroyed multiple homes.

Gov. Andy Beshear warned residents of Eastern Kentucky that Monday would be another “dangerous weather day” and asked that they seek shelter on higher ground. 

“Everybody get to a safe place we don’t want to have to search for any people that are safe right now and our first responders already have so much work to do,” he said in the video. “We care and love about each of you, we want to make sure you continue to be safe throughout this.”  

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