Mon. May 29th, 2023

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) — Coming off the Cowboys’ bye week, Ezekiel Elliott was knee deep in rehabbing his injury while relaxing at any golf course within the comfort of his own home.

At the Sheraton Hotel In Downtown Dallas, the running back said he’s excited to be an ambassador for TruGolf. 

“It’s the most accurate simulator I used,” Elliott said. “Now, during the season, I can continue to work on my game without going out to the course.”

TruGolf is one of the leaders in the growing sport of indoor golf. According to the National Golf Foundation, last year almost 12.5 million Americans took part in golf activities exclusively off the course. 

TruGolf Marketing Vice President Mason Jones explained that a lot of people work 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and a lot of people have their kids on the weekend, and want to spend that time with their family.

“How do we make it more accessible to play the game? By providing a really authentic indoor golf experience, for even the most die hard people.”

One of those people is Elliott’s former teammate and former Cowboys receiver Brice Butler. 

Standing side by side with Elliott, Butler said it’s kind of cool to stand in Dallas while looking at a hole in Carlsbad.

With the new APOGEE Launch Monitor, golfer lovers can measure everything from how far they hit the ball, to ball speed, to back spin. They can track it all at their favorite course, and that’s not even the best part. 

“They’re even taking it to the next level…playing peer to peer…and you don’t have to be here,” Butler said. “If Zeke is talking trash, I can say, ‘hop on the APOGEE and we’re going to settle this today.'”

It can also help people who don’t really know how to play to learn the basics without the fear of pressure or embarrassment that they would feel during an actual in-person round. 

“We get rid of all that and it make it inviting to come play,” Jones said.

Simply put, the TruGolf experience offers everyone another way to close the gap in human interaction following the coronavirus pandemic.

“This shows how we’ve been able to evolve and spend time with the people we love,” Elliott said. 

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