Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

Ramkumar Subramaniam, CEO and co-founder, GuardianLink

Metaverse – The term has been making waves in almost every possible industry. It will not be an exaggeration to say that metaverse has started to create a virtual digital presence as an extension of physical presence for just anything and everything.

Very much like the assets in the real world, some assets in the metaverse have been sold for exorbitant amounts and we can also see a lot of people rushing to invest in virtual assets. This calls for an important question at the moment. Is the metaverse technology also an investment technology in addition to being a digital revolution?

In hindsight, the metaverse is not something entirely new. The only challenge plaguing the metaverse. At least the erstwhile version of metaverses was the impossibility to establish the authenticity of digital assets. Today, however, thanks to NFTs, every virtual asset is easily attributable and verifiable because of the technology that powers the NFTs, the blockchain. The blockchain is innately secure, immutable, and transparent, making metaverses more dependable and accountable.

Metaverses represent a virtual world where you could possibly explore the impossible at least with respect to what is possible in the real world! As of now, while you might not be able to enter a house in the metaverse, it is still possible for you to own a piece of land in downtown Manhattan in the metaverse which is almost impossible in the real world. What is better still is that you can sell it to someone who wants to invest in the same piece of land for a higher price. The best part, however, is that the money that you earn in the metaverse is also valid in the real world!

Metaverses also open up opportunities for people to rent out virtual assets, take part in decision-making processes, get rewarded, claim ownership, at least partially in some exorbitantly priced commercial virtual real estate and do a lot more. Maybe the world of the metaverse is nascent and it might be played with its share of uncertainty and hesitation. However, considering how NFTs have been growing and how NFTs have created millionaires and billionaires, it cannot be denied that the metaverse is surely and reliably an investment technology.

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