Sun. May 28th, 2023

Apple Music users have several ways to promote their music on the platform. In addition to adding an affiliate token to their content pages, they can also ask friends and fans who’ve pledged support to purchase the song or album. Syncing their social media profiles with their Apple Music profile can drive traffic to these pages. By supporting fellow musicians, users can mention, follow, and share their music in their social media profiles. These actions will give your music the exposure and recognition it needs to gain a following.


If you want to promote your music on Apple’s iTunes store, you can use SubmitHub for Apple Music Promotion. SubmitHub is a web service created by Jason Grishkoff, the founder of IndieShuffle. He had trouble keeping up with the number of submissions from publicists and managers. With SubmitHub, artists can pay to get exposure on popular sites. In exchange for $100, you can be included on high-traffic websites.

Once you’ve submitted your music, you can wait for its review. SubmitHub receives around 9,000 submissions a day. Most outlets have varying lead times, so it’s important to find out their lead time before submitting your music. Some blogs prefer to see music uploaded within a month, while Spotify playlisters tend to share the latest tracks right away. If you’re unsure about the lead time of each outlet, submit your track as soon as possible.

SubmitHub has over two thousand active curators. Around half of these curators are bloggers and playlisters. The other half include radio stations and record labels. Curators sort through submissions based on genre. For best results, submit only songs you’re sure will be popular. For a successful Apple Music promotion campaign, SubmitHub can make a significant difference. Listed below are some benefits of using SubmitHub for Apple Music Promotion.


Apple Music is a growing platform for artists and musicians to promote their songs. Its royalty rate is among the highest of all streaming services. Compared to Spotify and Amazon Music, Apple Music pays nearly 150% more royalty to artists. Its platform allows artists to upload their own music, so you can promote your music using social media and guest posts. To get started, you can read about how to get started on Apple Music’s website.

The best way to promote Apple Music on Spotify is through playlists. These playlists are a popular way for millions of people to discover new music. But competition for space in these playlists is fierce. To stand out from the competition, artists can partner with music promotion companies. These companies have the expertise and the resources to promote Apple Music in the most organic way possible. Listed below are some ways you can promote your music on Spotify.

As the bestselling category, video marketing has the highest earnings on UJober. It ranks as the top-paid gig category. A video ad is the most popular gig on UJober, and the website has an extensive database of services to promote it. While video marketing is a relatively new category, there are many other creative opportunities in the UJober community. In addition to video editing, you can also hire graphic designers and writers for small projects.


With Apple Music, artists can now share their success and celebrate milestones with their fans through Shareable Milestones. This new feature helps artists generate automatic milestones, such as Shazam counts and Plays, and share them through messages and social media. Additionally, artists can create custom posts and share them through the Apple Music for Artists iOS app. As a manager, you must be sure to log into the correct account to create milestones for your artists.

Among the key features of Apple Music are the shared milestones. These events provide important data about the performance of a song, as well as the growth and decline of its listener base. The milestones can also help artists plan new releases and improve their marketing and promotion efforts. Apple Music artists can also benefit from Spotify’s talent and leverage its services for their own music promotion. But with Spotify’s new features, artists have a greater opportunity to reach a worldwide audience and break through to the next level.

In addition to the shared milestones, Apple Music artists can also monitor the number of plays on their playlists. The analytics feature also provides detailed statistics on the number of listeners, grouped by country and city, and based on song. Artists can also view the number of videos that have been played on Apple Music. These metrics help artists develop and improve their promotional efforts and reach. But how does Apple Music help artists?


When it comes to promoting your music, you may have noticed that many links to your music on websites point to Apple Music. While some artists want their fans to buy their albums, others are simply interested in the promotion. In either case, a Links to Apple Music promotion can help you reach new audiences. Here are a few useful tips. – Create Links to Apple Music Promotion Using Google Analytics

– Use product imagery. Apple Music has a distinctive aesthetic and features instantly recognizable icons and imagery. Apple Music’s pink color scheme and music note logo are easy to identify. You can easily embed a Listen on Apple Music badge on your website or social media pages, so people can listen to your music and purchase it. Besides, you can even create shortened links for your website. This way, your visitors can navigate easily.

– Use music link aggregator services. These services make it easier to promote your music online. You can choose from thousands of available music links and choose the ones that work best for you. A Linktree PRO user can use a music-link aggregator to find the best options. It allows you to analyze your content, track your audience and monitor how your links are performing. Using this data, you can pivot your marketing strategy and create better links.

QR codes

Using QR codes to promote your new music is a great way to spread the word about your new release. You can brand your code and send it to your target audience in a variety of ways. In addition to music promotion, QR Codes can be used to link offline and online worlds. This technology is becoming mainstream in the U.S. and is useful for a variety of industries, including the music industry. Here are some tips for successful promotion of your new music release.

To get started, use Soundplate Clicks to create free music QR codes. This tool lets you generate music QR codes using a smartphone camera. It also allows you to add an album image or Spotify logo. To avoid data-scanning errors, run a scan test on the code. Once it passes this test, you can download it in high-quality print or digital recommended photo format. Make sure you include a description that explains what the code is for.

If you’re using a QR code for an Apple Music promotion, make sure to use the right tool. Not only does this tool make creating a QR code for an Apple Music promotion easy, but it’s also free! It can generate a free Apple Music stream in minutes, so it’s a great way to spread the word about your new music! And don’t forget that these free music codes are mobile-friendly!

Artists’ custom image

Apple Music allows artists to add a customized image to their profiles, making their music easily recognizable to potential listeners. To upload an image, Apple Music users must first create an Apple Music profile and fill out all of the required fields, such as artist name and image size. Ensure that the image is free of inappropriate content. If you are unsure of the guidelines, contact Apple Music for Artists. After you’ve submitted the application, the artist can review the image and make changes. It may take up to five business days for Apple to approve the image. Artists may also be rejected if their image doesn’t meet the requirements, so make sure to use the guidelines to ensure your image is free of errors and appropriate for Apple Music for Artists.

Apple Music allows artists to upload a custom image for their artist profiles. This image will be displayed alongside their music and appear on Apple’s homepage. The image must be at least 2,400 x 2,400 pixels and have a face in the center. It must be a color image in the RGB color space with 72 dots per inch. Beatrising is the official Apple Music image service. You must create an account with them to submit an image.