Fri. Dec 2nd, 2022

In the summer of 2022, Kaweah Health met with Unitek and the Board of Registered Nurses, where they agreed to expand the pool of potential nurses by allowing Unitek to collaborate with Kaweah Health. The collaboration comes in the form of their very own nursing program. However, the program is only offered to Kaweah Health employees who have not yet attained their nursing degrees and 80 to 100 employees have already expressed interest in the program.

The program will not be free for students, as they will be responsible for a portion of tuition. However Kaweah Health is working on a subsidy program that will help pay for the program if the student works for Kaweah Health for three years following their graduation. If they do not fulfill the three year obligation, they will have to repay the subsidy. Unitek has also decreased the amount for the program due to the partnership with Kaweah Health.

“One of the ways to increase educational capacity, you need two things, you need faculty, and you need clinical experience. You need a clinical facility and rotations,” Abdel Raheem Yosef, the Provost and Chief Academic Officer at Unitek Learning said. “This partnership actually provides both, because the nurses are working on a career. And the senior nurses could participate in teaching and preparing their colleagues who’s going to become nurses working for them.”

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