Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

URBANA — Performances during the pandemic often looked different at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts.

“I saw jazz players with masks for their horns,” said Sean Kutzko, a University of Illinois graduate who serves as assistant communications director at Krannert.

With COVID-19 restrictions loosening, Krannert is hoping its upcoming season remembles those pre-pandemic. That includes the popular Krannert Uncorked, which returns Thursday and continues throughout the month.

First up: The Duke of Elvintones and Afro LTA in the lobby, free of charge and open to the public. Neither masks nor proof of vaccination is required.

Krannert is preparing to announce its first full and in-person season since 2019.

The three-night, seven-group Uncorked series is a mood-setter, Kutzko said.

“There is plenty of great talent in the area that deserves recognition, we need to do our part,” Kutzko said. “Krannert is both a venue and a community.

“Students are able to learn what it is like to perform in front of crowds. Younger adults,interested in music can see this without being in a bar.”

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