Fri. Dec 2nd, 2022

“We didn’t invent the mound… We just perfected it.”

FENTON — The game of baseball always starts from the mound.

One St. Louis has built their own rendition of that starting point, throwing quite the changeup in the process.

“We’re really kind of one of a kind.”

Easy for Alex Wilson to say, he serves as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for the Fenton-based company, The Perfect Mound.

For over a decade, the company has developed turf mounds featuring a patented hook-and-loop system, offering grass-like feel for customers across 7 different countries.

A tough pill to swallow for many baseball “purists” that love a classic dirt mound.

“The turf industry, and what consumers here in North America have told those purists is that we want a safe environment for our kids to play on,” Wilson began. “So we’ve got mounds all over and we are really proud of it.”

The groups inventory ranges from youth mounds, bullpen setups and full-sized adult mounds, comprised of six individual pieces that fit together to form the 18-foot product. The design offers ease and accessibility to countless programs, parks and other groups looking for a portable, safe playing surface. It’s a design The Perfect Mound CEO Craig Dohm says is unmatched.

“We didn’t invent the mound,” Dohm explained with a smile. “We just perfected it.”

Bold statement…

But one that carries plenty of weight when looking at the programs and clubs The Perfect Mound has served.

“Everybody from the Yankees, the Red Sox, The Giants,” Wilson said. “All the way down to collegiate, we dominate the SEC.”

And that only scratches the surface.

Closer to home, Saint Louis University is a proud user of the local mound producer, a decision SLU Head Baseball Coach Darin Hendrickson has been quite happy with.

“The mound withstands wear and tear great,” Coach Hendrickson said via text message. “It’s low maintenance and doesn’t spread dirt all over the field. It’s great for multiple game weekends.”

Also in use at dozens of St. Louis area high schools, the products serviceability is consistent.

But the group is taking the mound a step further.

Partnering with force plate technology companies, The Perfect Mound is adding real-time analytics underneath the group’s turf mound, allowing pitchers and coaches to see realtime feedback from each and every throw.

“If you watch baseball these days, they are really getting into stats and the [tracking] of the ball,” Dohm said. “Right now we are just doing [this research] in lab… But where I see it going is outside…. during a game. You’ll get to see it. The fans will get to see it.”

Their journey began with quite the changeup, but now all kinds of different pitches are being thrown off The Perfect Mound.

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