Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

HAGERSTOWN, Md. (DC News Now) — Governor Wes Moore’s administration is giving special recognition to 23 companies in the State of Maryland for leading the way in innovation and technology.

Moore and his Department of Commerce are saluting manufacturers who are creating an “industrial revolution” of their own.

“Innovation is part of our culture here at Hub Labels,” says Thomas Dahbura, company president. “It came as no surprise when our team rallied around and thought a robot would be a good solution to moving material around the plant.”

Hub Labels is a printing company with 80 employees. They have automated traffic systems for transporting materials from one plant operation to another.

In nearby Frederick, SMI Sign Systems is focused on automating conservation.

“With our paint system the idea is to minimize our waste and maximize our product output with the least amount of material,” says James Winkler, vice president of operations. “And we focus on being green friendly.”

Both companies focus on efficiency.

“We are focused on being lean,” says Dahbura. “It is part of our corporate culture. Our team figured that of the materials we could move with a robot, moving waste was a beneficial efficiency.”

A $1 million State of Maryland grant program supports the innovations.

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