Wed. Mar 29th, 2023

MARIETTA — Memorial Health System will hold its 40th annual Volunteer Recognition Banquet on Aug. 23 at the Lafayette Hotel in Marietta.

The Volunteer Recognition Banquet recognizes volunteers who consistently demonstrate outstanding quality, quantity of work, customer service and dedication. Several volunteers reached milestones in the number of hours given during 2021.

“We treasure our volunteers. They are special and amazing people who make the difference for our patients and families,” said Cindy Hall, volunteer services coordinator for Memorial Health System. “Our theme this year is The HeartBehind the Hands.

Volunteers walk the extra mile to make a difference in patients’ lives, she said.

“They are always appreciated for the important work they do,” Hall said. “They are key to our success and we are proud to celebrate them. They help in numerous ways by greeting and escorting patients and their family members, delivering flowers, delivering veteran flags to our veteran patients, parking assistance and behind the scenes in offices, medical records,and other areas of the system.”

The following volunteers will be honored:

∫ 200 Hours: Bryan Berkemer, Jeff Bradford, Kay Brammer, Doris Brooker, Jamie Donnelly, Jack Heater, Tanner Hurst, Janet Lamp, Jean Lawrence, Wendy Lowe, Nancy Markle, Libby Rogers, Susan Shelton.

∫ 500 Hours: Rita Burchett, Pat Chambers, Amy Freed, Vella Lawrence, Margaret Logue, Barbara Martin, Abby Merrow, Sandra Smith.

∫ 1,000 Hours: Hilton Drake, Lois Holpp, Kirk McCall, Richard Sams, Melanie See, Jane Snider.

∫ 2,000 Hours: Elsie Bowens, Nicholas Graham, Carol Marteney, Richard McKenna.

∫ 3,000 Hours: Leo Farley, Tom Powell.

∫ 6,000 Hours: Ray Mitchell.

Tom Powell will be inducted into the 1,000 Hour Club as he donated 1,141 hours in 2021.

Seven volunteers will be inducted into the 20+ Year Club for volunteering their services for 20 years or more: Marilyn Bookman (25 Years), Herma Eddy (29 Years), Jacie Hays (21 Years), Jody Kohler (25 Years), Jayne Stehle (32 Years), Casi Stewart (26 Years) and Frances Tornes (40 Years).

The 2021/2022Volunteer of the Month Recipients are: August, Wendy Lowe; September, Diane Bower; October, George Lisk; November, Bryan Berkemer; December, Diana Sams; January, Jeff Bradford; February, Barbara Martin; March, Sandra Smith; April, Patti Schumacher; May, Kevin Scheve; June, Kent Hall; July, Vivian Hammat.

The 2022 Volunteer of the Year will be announced at the banquet.

In the past year, 173 volunteers donated 19,966 hours of service.

Besides their time, volunteers have donated to several different initiatives, including baby burp cloths and puddle pads for the hospital’s nursery, heart pillows for heart patients and stuffed animals provided to the children when treated throughout Memorial Health System.

For information on becoming a hospital volunteer, contact Hall at (740) 374-1778 or go to

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