Mon. May 29th, 2023

Florida State's department of Sports medicine offers a service known as “Mind, Body, and Seminole”.

Student-athletes across the nation are placed under physical stress to perform at the peak of their abilities. What is often not talked about is the mental strain associated with playing sports at the college level. Between schoolwork, social life, and relaxation time, it is often difficult for athletes to juggle their lives and sport in a healthy ratio. At FSU the school offers division one athlete’s access to specialized mental health services to provide an outlet. 

It is easy to forget that student-athletes are human. They are constantly on the news, radio stations, and written about in papers that it is hard to remember they are not just athletes but real people with thoughts and feelings. As a society we tend to ignore those who are in the public eye because it’s difficult to believe such people could have problems. With publicity comes accolades, but also backlash from media and fans. Bullying and body shaming is commonly experienced by athletes through the media. This can lead to a variety of mental health issues that athletes often battle on their own due to lack of resources.

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