Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

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Mental health matters.
On the first week of every October, Mental Health Awareness Week helps to educate and support those who may be falling on hard times.
Oklahoma State University is a proud advocate of mental health awareness. In light of Mental Health Awareness Week, Oklahoma State has launched the Cowboys United for Mental Health Campaign, a fundraising campaign dedicated to enhancing mental health services across its five campuses.
Additionally, Oklahoma State provides resources for students and faculty through the Offices of Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, the Department of Wellness and University Counseling Services.    
While the discussion of mental health has previously been donned as a taboo topic, significant strides have been made in providing support for those who may be struggling.
In the realm of athletics, the idea of expressing signs of mental unwellness has also been written off as a potential topic.
However, mental health is now at the top of the ballot.
For wide receiver Bryson Green, the emphasis on openness for discussion and resources for mental wellness for athletes go a long way.
“It’s great,” Green said. “Twenty-plus years ago, athletes did not have this opportunity. There are a lot of things we do either with school, football, or outside family issues – it’s just great to have outside, safe resources that care for us and that they provide for us to make sure they’re mentally ok.”
When viewing an athletic event, some may struggle to remember the human element attached to every snap, basket, buzzer-beater, or end result. However, athletes still experience the same trials and tribulations that may be presented their way.
For defensive tackle Brendon Evers, the month of October means a great deal to him in highlighting mental health.
“For me, this month and week mean so much,” Evers said. “The biggest thing I take out of it is stressing to people that we have issues too. We’re seen in the public as kind of superhumans. Even guys like us that have to go out there and lay it out on the line every Saturday, we deal with the same issues, problems, and stresses as everybody else. Anybody out there dealing with it, just know, you’re not alone.”
A full list of on-campus mental health resources may be found here.

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