Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

The Meridian Public School Board of Education approved a purchase $32,000 of additional computer equipment for staff members. 

Superintendent Craig Carmoney estimates more than 100 devices could be purchased for faculty and staff. He said the equipment will be Apple or PC devices. 

The updated request came following a recent technology purchase in the district. The school board met for a regular meeting on Monday at the Meridian Early College High School in Sanford.

Student count, project updates and potential solutions to address facilities – based on high enrollment numbers – were also discussed. 

Regarding enrollment, the Meridian Public Schools welcomed 25 new students this year. The majority, 20 new students, enrolled in Sanford Elementary.

Sanford Elementary has 552 total students. Carmoney said the Kindergarten class has just as many kids as the largest class, 10th grade. 

There are 115 Kindergarten students and 116 students in grade 10. 

“Right now, in the elementary school, we have music being taught in the cafeteria on the stage,” he said. “We have other specials, other than gym and art, on a cart … We’re tight right now for space.”

While acknowledging this issue, Carmoney called the enrollment numbers “solid.”

“I think in a few years, we could be exceeding 1,400 students,” he said. 

Carmoney said the district’s enrollment totals 1,367 students. The first official pupil count day will take place on Oct. 5 across Michigan. 

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