Thu. Dec 8th, 2022

Doha: The Ministry of Municipality represented by the Agricultural Research Department organised a lecture entitled, ‘Using bio-engineering technology to express the genes of halophytic plants that enhance gene expression for salt tolerance in plants’.

The lecture was delivered by Dr. Mona Ali Al Balushi, an expert in the Department of Biotechnology in the Department.

The use of technologies aims to overcome some of the environmental problems facing plants, including salinity, which has a negative impact on plants in different stages of growth, and salinity is considered one of the factors that affect the rate of plant productivity. The study showed that salt tolerance genes in halophytic plants help improve salinity tolerance in other crops. The plants were tested under the influence of sodium chloride for a period of four weeks to evaluate, and the results found that the salt tolerance genes in halophytic plants after four weeks of exposure to salt stress.

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