Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – New season, new logo, and new technology for fans inside First Energy Stadium.

Rob McBurnett, Director of Community and Corporate Communication with the Cleveland Browns said the new changes begin when you first walk in.

“At the gates this year it will be a different experience at the South gates, first we want to encourage everybody to roll on Browns express access, which uses Facial authentication,” McBurnett said.

He said this new technology at the entrance helps fans get to their seat quicker without even using their phone.

Here’s how it works, instead of scanning each ticket, you walk up to a tablet that recognizes your face in an instant. One person can register for multiple tickets.

Plus, walking through security is now a breeze, no need to take anything out of your pocket.

“You just walk through the technology and it’s able to identify anything that might be a threat,” McBurnett said.

You may notice a few Cleveland Cold One’s stations around the stadium.

Jessica Jacobson said you can order on your phone to skip the wait

“Just show the ID where you purchase the beer, or water, or soda, you get your good and you can go,” Jacobson said.

She said they’ve also added these express lanes for food … you can check out without scanning

“You literally grab some ice-cold beverages out of the coolers, through them right on this unit, it instantly reads these, rings them up, puts their credit card in, and your back to your seats,” Jacobson said.

More fun, more comfort, fewer things to worry about, and hopefully a big win for the Browns against the Jets.

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