Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

When people need repeat surgeries to fix issues with a hip or knee implant, infections are often the culprit. Now, a biotech startup says it has a solution — a way to alter the surface of implants so they repel bacteria.

The biotech company, DeBogy Molecular, is developing technology known as antimicrobial surface modification that’s designed to kill bacteria that can grow on the outside of surgical implants and cause infections. In early lab tests in mice, this technology appeared to wipe out what’s known as bacterial biofilm — colonies of microorganisms that coat the surface of surgical implants.

“The promise of a new, disruptive technology that can permanently protect the surface of an implantable device from the formation of dangerous bacterial biofilm, without the use of toxic chemicals, coatings or even antibiotics, is truly transformational,” Wayne Gattinella, CEO of DeBogy Molecular, said in a statement announcing the preliminary lab test results.

“DeBogy technology has the potential to save lives and dramatically improve the quality of life for millions of people, young and old,” Gattinella said.

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