Thu. Mar 30th, 2023

This is simple “leader”, which marks a new stage in which Nima members Jose and Lito are renewed; With this theme, they bet on a deep love story that poetically describes the journey of a caress.

More than a new release, the single is considered a trophy for Nima, as it represents the triumph of recovery from the emotional departure of one of its members and for them it is a moment of transition that marks their musical maturity, Symbolizes steps towards planning. To create music with other singers who contribute to that development and that is why they invite Seor Loop vocalist Lilo Sánchez to be a part of this new journey.

first in technology

Nima, has been revamped and is entering another technological dimension 1st Panamanian Group and to record with one of the leading in Latin America Dolby Atmos sound.

Great artists who have presented their works under this advanced format include: Lady Gaga, The Weeknd, Jay Balvin and Michael Kiwanuka.

This single was produced between Panama, Mexico and the United States. At producer Van Arrow’s Bella Vista Sound studio, Semillero Estudio in Guadalajara, Mexico, with Alvaro Arce and the voices share at Lilo Sanchez’s private studio in Orcas Island, Washington. It also featured the collaboration of Billy Heron of Folk Lab Studio.

Leading, accompanied by a video filmed in Chiriqui Province, will be released next Thursday, September 8.

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