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OCHN Provides Mental Health Toolkits to Schools Across Oakland County

(OCHN, Sept. 31, 2022)

As mental wellness continues to remain in the forefront of conversations, making mental health and substance use disorder resources available to schools is as important as having a first-aid kit in the classroom.

Oakland Community Health Network (OCHN) is providing materials that address mental health and substance use disorders to middle and high school teachers in Oakland County. Information provided in the mailing includes:

OCHN’s General Brochure: Access to services can be an unnecessary obstacle for people looking to the public mental health system for assistance. OCHN’s general brochure outlines how to access services, the screening process, and eligibility determination.

Suicide Prevention Toolkit for Parents: Within the toolkit is information related to risk factors, warning signs, prevention tips, and how to talk with youth about suicide.

Resource and Crisis Center Cards: The crisis cards offer locations, phone numbers, and online resources for individuals in crisis situations.

The Massachusetts Youth Screening Instrument (MAYSI-2): An evidence-based screening tool that identifies pressing behavioral health needs in youth and allows connection to local resources to address those needs. A Juvenile Screening and Referral Specialist provides an individualized follow-up plan with community-based services, such as counseling, mentor programs, etc. Click here for more information on the MAYSI 2

Mental Health School Navigators (MHSN): This new initiative allows support for mental health in schools. The School Mental Health Navigator program serves as the ‘safety net’ for students whose mental health needs require specialized interventions beyond what schools can provide. The coordination of these supports furthers the goal of creating a strong foundation for students’ academic success. Click here for more information on the MHSN Program

For additional mental health and substance use prevention resources, please visit or contact Kaylee Salveta: or 248-464-6363.

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