Tue. Nov 29th, 2022


Teams who may have an interest in adding Odell Beckham Jr. to their rosters aren’t planning on him being available until Week 10 or 11, according to sources.

Beckham tore his ACL during the Super Bowl and has been recovering since. He can’t sign anywhere until he’s healthy enough to pass a physical, and that’s in doubt as of today.

One interested team does not believe Beckham will sign for the veteran minimum toward the end of the year. After seeing the wide receiver market spike this offseason, Beckham will want fair compensation for what he can bring a team, according to a source.

Teams that figure to have interest in Beckham include the Rams, Bills and Buccaneers. Von Miller mentioned the Saints earlier this week for the former LSU standout. One league source did not believe the Packers were truly in the mix right now.

Beckham, who starred with the Giants in his first five seasons, returned to the team facilities this week to visit with friend Sterling Shepard, who just suffered a season-ending ACL. According to multiple sources, personnel folks with the Giants were unaware Beckham was even in the building at the time

Beckham has enjoyed an NFL team tour the first few weeks of this season. Along with his peek-a-boo in the Giants facility, he’s also been at games for the Rams and Saints. He’s been active on social media, including a reference to the Packers and Aaron Rodgers last week.

Beckham enjoyed a short free-agency tour last year following his release from the Browns before ultimately deciding on the L.A. Rams in mid-November.

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