Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

Re “The conservative parents seeking power on local school boards” (Sept. 25): Parents need to be involved in their children’s education. But radical, angry parents who viciously attack school boards, teachers and even public education as a whole are counterproductive.

Our public school districts need to be a safe haven to educate, not litigate. Let’s support our schools.

Bob Spencer


The Let Them Breathe group and the Parent Association, backed by conservative dark money as an astroturf movement, do not hide their true goal of dismantling public schools in favor of religious education, home schooling and charter schools. The mask mandates were a way for people with fringe beliefs to bring others into the fold.

If they actually cared about our children, they would have been rallying long ago for teacher support, equitable resources and universal pre-kindergarten. These people may pretend to be caring and professional, but they are part of the same crowd as Defend East County, those who want to rule by fanaticism.

Emily Green

La Mesa

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