Wed. Dec 7th, 2022

Roxanne Bennett and her husband Kendall always had an affinity for hosting events and the creative social media platform Pinterest. 

Then, nearly a decade ago, the Utah resident created an event where Pinterest creators could host arts and crafts workshops and local creators could sell their crafts.

And once the Pinners Conference and Expo began gaining traction in Utah, the Bennetts picked Scottsdale for a similar event.

The Pinners Conference and Expo will return for its sixth year next weekend, Nov. 11-12.

“I love Arizona so much and we just felt like there are so many creators there that it felt like it was a good extension to what we were already doing and that the people would love it,” Roxanne said.

The expo is set to pack WestWorld of Scottsdale with 250 vendor booths – 50 of which will be occupied by local small businesses – and hundreds of Pinterest fans.

“There are over 200 booths on-site. Some will be teaching and some will just be showcasing their goods,” Bennett said. 

Seminars will look at subjects such as how to create wreaths, Christmas stars, soaps, and candles as well as makeup techniques. 

“I mean, there is so much there’s fun, there are boutiques fun gift ideas and there’s food,” Bennett said

Bennett hopes guests are able to not only create a cute craft but learn about a craft that could blossom into a hobby.

 “Our main objective is this total ability to create since our tagline is “learn, create and connect,” she said. “I think when we empower someone to try something new, create something, and walk away with a product that they made, that just totally changes everything.” 

On the flip side, a mixed bag of local businesses will be selling a wide variety of wares, such as art kits, kitchen utensils and household tools. 

Because of this, Bennett hopes attendees come with a desire to support small businesses this holiday season. 

“It’s just a crazy time that we’re living in and for a year, we were all put out of business,” she said. “These local women are (also) still pounding the pavement and if we can put our dollars in a place that is going to feed our economy and our local business owners, that’s a great way to do it.” 

Bennett also hopes her expo becomes a place where business owners can forge a bond with prospective customers. 

“This gives you a chance to connect face to face with these online, local people and (learn) how great it is to support and shop local and women-owned businesses,” she said. “I think it’s an incredible opportunity to support that community.” 

In addition to local vendors offering unique products and sales, Bennett touts that two big-name brands will be offering an exclusive deal and class at the Pinners Expo and Convention. 

“One of the new things that we’re doing this year, and I’m excited about,  is Ryobi – a big national brand – has created a craft and bobby tool line that is 100% made for the women creators,” Bennett said. “They’re all cordless, battery-driven, and will be offering an incredible deal exclusively at Pinners.” 

Joining the fun, JoAnn Fabrics will be offering classes and support for small creators. 

“JoAnn is working with local influencers to come in and teach workshops, using products that are from other businesses,” Bennett said. 

Bennett also highlighted that this event could be a good opportunity for shoppers looking to get ahead on their holiday shopping. 

“I think you can get all your Christmas shopping done in one place, how great is that?” she said emphatically.

Above all, Bennett hopes that shoppers enjoy themselves and make great memories – and crafts – with their friends. 

“I just want people to have a good time with their friends, have this experience and spend the day trying to figure out ‘what’s inspiring to me?’” Bennett said.

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