Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

Miami-Dade County Police have released bodycam footage of a November 2022 incident in which free agent NFL wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was kicked off of an American Airlines flight after the flight crew became concerned for his personal safety. The footage shows Beckham become annoyed with the situation before becoming belligerent with other passengers who took issue with his situation.

On the Los Angeles-bound flight, the crew noted that Beckham appeared to be in and out of consciousness as they attempted to wake him in order to have him fasten his seat belt. The flight crew became concerned for Beckham’s well-being, prompting them to summon officers to address the situation.

Beckham, who claimed that he was tired from traveling and clubbing the previous night, became annoyed at the situation and refused to leave while downplaying the matter at hand. “I’ve never had this happen to me,” Beckham claimed before being told that all passengers including him would have to de-plane.

An angry passenger proceeded to make a comment towards Beckham, prompting the mercurial NFL star to begin lashing out at them.

“You’re everything wrong with the world,” Beckham said. “”Looking at me to get off a plane, for you. I would never, ever in my life get off the plane for you. Specifically you! Maybe everybody else, I would get off the plane.”

Beckham continued by boasting to another passenger who took issue with him that he would take a private plane home while they had to wait 40 minutes. The other passenger issued a quick retort, which Beckham responded to by insulting their appearance.

“Yeah, with your fat ass. Get your ass off the plane for a second,” Beckham said. “Enjoy the cheese board on the way home with your ugly ass.”

Beckham took to social media after the footage came out, tweeting he “can’t address everything in this world, it’s exhausting. Errbody got an opinion on situations they weren’t involved in. All u can do is kno who u truly are. Purell only kills 99.9% of germs…there’s always gon be a lil left over” He later added, “I kno who I am. Period. All the rest and opinions really don’t matter to me.”

The airplane incident took place while Beckham, a three-time Pro Bowler, was taking a free agency tour after winning Super Bowl LVI as a member of the Los Angeles Rams. Beckham was courted by the Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills and New York Giants, but ultimately did not sign amid concerns about his health as he continues to recover from a torn ACL suffered in the Super Bowl.

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