Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

Brice L. Aikens

A 2022 Florida vote by mail ballot.

As Election Day draws near, candidates from both sides of the political aisle along with pundits declare this election is perhaps the “most important” election of our lives.  It seems that line has been delivered as frequently as kissing a baby (pre-COVID) on the campaign trail, yet here we are anxious to see where the chips will fall by Tuesday evening.

Politics has become more and more of a team sport this century than the act of civic duty.  Despite this week’s outcome, discourse and distrust will continue as the new norm in the political vernacular. Waiting for politicians to not play “team politics” is waiting for the fox to declare himself a vegan as he enters the henhouse. 

The thing about team politics is it does not require anything other than wearing your particular jersey or hat and simply dismissing any objectivity or factual significance of the opposition.  When the focus is only on your team you don’t look at policy that separates candidates, but only hear the rhetoric that aligns with the team colors.

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