Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

To protect against damage, loss, theft, misuse, interference and unauthorised alteration, access and disclosure, you must safeguard and use our technology and data securely and appropriately.


Never use our technology or data to commit cybercrime, duplicate or sell software or media files, share your account password, use data for non-BHP business purposes or cause reputational damage to BHP. Our technology must never be used as a platform to create or spread information that is not truthful.


Disciplinary action may be taken and civil or criminal authorities notified, if you use our technology and data inappropriately, or inappropriate material is accessed or stored using our systems. Inappropriate material includes pornographic or sexually explicit or exploitative imagesor text, materials promoting violence, hatred, racism, religious beliefs, terrorism or the intolerance of others, or any other material that is deemed obscene or abusive.


Never use, modify, transfer, publish, share, remove or delete BHP data or intellectual property without written authorisation from your line leader.


Moderate personal use of BHP technology is permitted, provided you comply with the above requirements.

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