Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

Silpakorn University International College (SUIC) has launched a BBA in Business and Technology degree programme in response to the increasing growth of AI, Data Science, Data Analytics and the emergence of digital disruption and transformation.

On completion of this three-year bachelor’s degree, students will obtain two degrees, one from Silpakorn University and one from Paris School of Technology and Business, France (PST&B). Graduates from the programme will be key drivers in moving the economy ahead going forward.

“Rapid social, economic and technological changes are now taking place around the world,” comments Asst. Prof. Dr. Sompid Kattiyapikul, Dean of SUIC. “COVID-19 has sped up this digital transformation and changed the way people lead their lives. The education sector is aware of this issue and intends to produce graduates who can use technology and thereby increase productivity and lower operational costs. In addition, graduates will possess skills in key employment areas such as data science, AI and data analytics. It is therefore important to develop a curriculum in line with these changes to respond to growing domestic and international competition where the graduates have skills and knowhow needed by industry and the potential to be business entrepreneurs.”

“According to a survey conducted by JDN Statista (Feb 2022), it is estimated that the value of the AI market alone will be worth 500 billion dollars by the year 2024. This explicitly indicates that AI jobs are going to be in high demand, which will correspond with the increased demand for AI by industry. Knowledge and skills in technology will increase the graduates’ employability and open-up new opportunities to conduct business in the modern era.”

“The BBA in Business and Technology programme blends theory and practice in the fields of business and technology. The curriculum has not only been developed with PST&B but also in collaboration with three faculties at Silpakorn University: Silpakorn University International College, the Faculty of Management Science, and the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology.”

Dr. Armand Derhy, Director and Founder of PST&B, adds that, “The school is part of the Galileo Global Education, a leading higher education group in Europe which has 55 institutions, 86 campuses in 13 countries and hosts more than 180,000 students.”

PST&B is an educational institution that specialises in technology and digital business. It was awarded the ‘Grand Prix de l’innovation pédagogique Eduniversal’ for its undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in 2021-2022.

“PST&B aspires to be a game changer in the education industry and SUIC aims to form leaders who are experts in future technologies and digital business,” continues Dr. Armand.

SUIC’s connection with Galileo Education Group is longstanding, as for the last five years, they have been collaborating with another school in the group, Paris School of Business, to deliver a BBA in Luxury Brand Management.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Sompid Kattiyapikul, Dean of SUIC, also comments that, “For almost 20 years, SUIC has been offering educational degree programmes and graduates from programmes such as BBA in Hotel Management and BFA in Digital Communication and Design are extremely competent in their respective fields. For the BBA in Business and Technology, the strength lies in the fact that students can complete their studies within three years and obtain two degrees, one from SUIC and one from PST&B. They will develop an understanding of business management and technology, and as the programme is delivered in English, students will be able to work both in Thailand and abroad in cross-cultural environments. Students will also benefit from the opportunity to study internationally in France for one semester, where they can use PST&B’s learning facilities as well as discover French language and culture. It is believed that this programme will contribute to the growth of the Thai economy and enhance the potential of Thailand’s economic development.”

SUIC’s BBA in Business and Technology is attractive to many students and parents. With nearly 20 years of teaching experience, SUIC stresses practical experience, provides effective student support and demonstrates experience of collaborating with world-class educational institutions.

SUIC is now ready to welcome new applicants for Business and Technology and is confident that in the future, the graduates will be very employable and key to the overall growth of the Thai economy.

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