Thu. Feb 9th, 2023

It just got easier to connect to the Boone County Sheriff’s Office via smart phone.

The department recently designed a QRC, or quick response code. Scan the code with a QRC application, or cell phone camera, and be directed to the sheriff’s media page.

Users will find links to the department’s social media pages for live updates during a crisis or other events. There are also links that let users stream live video to the Boone County Communications Center to help police and that answer families’ questions about bond and other concerns when their loved one is behind bars.

“It’s just a quicker step to get to what you’re looking for,” Deputy Wesley Garst, the department’s public information officer, said.

Garst posts videos live during unusual events to help motorists and citizens understand hazardous conditions and avoid problem areas. He illustrated how slick roads were by sliding across pavement on his feet during winter storms. And he broadcast from the roadside during near-blizzard conditions to illustrate how deep the snow was and show a great number of stranded vehicles.

A multi-hour traffic jam occurred recently after five semis were involved in two wrecks and police shut down Interstate 65 in Lebanon. Garst walked up and down the mile-and-a-half stranded traffic line to check on motorists’ health. He directed them to the department’s Facebook page so they could watch live videos from the accident site in front and better understand progress being made.

The QRC can now be printed onto business cards or something else police can keep handy to let motorists scan in such situations in the future. The code also links users to information about sex offenders, firearms training, and how to get fingerprints recorded. And users may also submit tips to police by following links on the QRT.

The BCSO also has Twitter and Instagram pages, but YouTube is its newest social media platform and where Garst posts longer videos of public interest.

“The QR code is helping people get easier access to the spot that shows them everything they need,” Garst said.

All of the features are also available on the BCSO website media page at

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