Wed. Mar 29th, 2023

Body camera footage from another police officer, Michael Bui, recorded someone believed to be Officer Bui saying, “He is going to be hurting tomorrow,” according to court papers.

Moments later, body camera footage captured a conversation between Officer Bui, who was not charged, and Corporal Mabry. In the video, Officer Bui asked Corporal Mabry if he had shot a man; the corporal said he did, and fist-bumped Officer Bui, according to the warrant.

“We have the high-velocity rounds,” Corporal Mabry said, according to the warrant. “This is why I was able to get him from that far away.”

Corporal Mabry also fired two shots at a man, striking him in the right bicep, left testicle and thigh, court papers said.

The indictments have echoes of other misconduct cases involving officers responding to protests over the killing of Mr. Floyd in police custody in 2020, such as in Austin, Texas, Columbus, Ohio, and Denver, where the police used force to break up demonstrations.

Mr. Williams was fired from the Dallas Police Department in January for violating the department’s use-of-force policy in a separate episode, and Officer Mabry is on administrative leave while he is being investigated, the Dallas police said.

Officer Privitt will be placed on administrative duties, the Garland police said.

Robert Rogers, a lawyer for Mr. Williams, said on Friday that Mr. Williams had two options when he was called into action: “Do nothing, allow downtown to burn and his fellow officers to get injured, or use the tools that he was provided and called on to use by his command staff to suppress the ongoing riots. He obviously chose the latter and now faces even more absurd criminal charges for lawfully targeting individuals that were clearly agitators.”

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