Wed. May 31st, 2023
iTunes Music Promotion

Apple’s iTunes music promotion service offers a variety of services to artists in the indie and major music scenes. They can help you gain a larger fan base and enhance your online presence. These services are available in a variety of genres, and they are efficient and effective. If you are an artist, check out the benefits of iTunes music promotion on iTunes Exposure and learn how it can help you achieve your goals.

iTunes Exposure

Whether you’re a new musician or a veteran artist, increasing your iTunes exposure can help your music reach a wider audience. Apple’s iTunes platform is home to a multitude of promotional tools, including the free iTunes Exposure. Using an iTunes Exposure service will increase your music’s visibility on the iTunes Music Store and other platforms, as well as give your music the exposure it needs to gain a worldwide audience.

The website of iTunes Exposure has more than a thousand visitors each day, which is a testament to its effectiveness. Many artists and musicians visit the site to learn about their options. The site lays out most of the services offered, but it hides a few details to prevent other companies from replicating their campaign. The site is very easy to use and offers many benefits, including exposure on iTunes playlists. Here are some of the pros and cons of using an iTunes music promotion service.

Apple Music Exposure helps independent artists gain exposure on Apple Music. Artists get streaming royalties when their music is played on Apple Music, and they can utilize a number of promotional tools to boost their exposure and popularity. The website also has widgets and banner builder tools that will help promote their music. Apple Music has more than 50 million songs on its platform, and exposure on iTunes Exposure is an excellent way to gain exposure.

Whether you’re a new artist or a major star, iTunes Exposure can help you get exposure to fans worldwide. The platform has a proven track record of helping independent artists gain iTunes exposure. The service has helped thousands of artists, including major recording artists, gain international recognition. In addition to increasing your audience, iTunes Exposure also increases your exposure on other platforms, like Spotify and Soundcloud. Its popularity has been steadily increasing since its launch in 2003, and you can too.


When looking to promote your music on iTunes, consider using SubmitHub. This service provides a high volume of exposure to influential bloggers, playlisters, and labels. While the process is fairly simple, you can expect to wait up to 48 hours before receiving a decision. It’s also important to note that the feedback is often short and not constructive. Different curators have different tastes and styles, so you’ll have to take this into consideration. Likewise, artists from different genres may get negative feedback. For example, Charles Cleyn’s music received negative feedback. Also, SubmitHub prefers electronic, pop, and hip hop music, and does not like indie music.

While SubmitHub is useful for promoting your music on iTunes Exposure, it is best used with caution. The feedback received from other artists can be unconstructive or even derogatory. In order to avoid the latter, try to keep a balance between constructive and negative feedback. For music fans, there is one more reason to avoid submitting to SubmitHub: the rejection rate. The majority of submissions receive no feedback at all. However, the good news is that there are certain tips that will help you increase your chances of receiving positive feedback.

A free alternative to SubmitHub is Daily Playlists. Daily Playlists allows you to have your song featured on many playlists. SubmitHub is easy to use and fast, but it can be a little frustrating. The benefits of SubmitHub are that it helps you treat music promotion as an extension of your artistry and provides strategic details that will help you reach more people. It’s a great way to market your music on iTunes.

Milestone cards

To use Milestone cards for music promotion on iTunes, you must have at least one eligible track on your iTunes account. To enable these cards, select them in the Artist Dashboard and then change the Focus to Milestone. This will allow you to share your milestones on social media and in your Facebook story. If you have multiple eligible tracks, you must first change the Focus from Normal to Milestone. Only eligible tracks will show up in the Milestone cards, and you will have to switch between the two to get a full picture.

To enable artists to share their achievements and track progress, they can use the new “milestone cards” feature. The feature lets them add the track to Apple’s playlist and show off their achievements. The new feature is great for artists, because it makes the process much easier for them. This way, they can get more exposure and build more fans. With Apple’s new playlists, promoting on iTunes is easier than ever.

To promote music on iTunes, it’s important to choose the right company to promote your music. There are a few things you can do to maximize your exposure on the streaming service. Using a high-quality music promotion company will help you get your music on iTunes and other platforms. While a dedicated page on iTunes is a great start, it’s not the end-all-be-all-and-end-all of music promotion.

Apple music exposure is a crucial marketing tool for independent artists and major artists alike. Using the iTunes music exposure system, the service is not only free but can increase your music’s visibility to millions of people worldwide. A smart apple music promoter will use social networks and classified ads to maximize their exposure on the site. In addition, they will make use of other unique techniques to promote their music, including incorporating social networking and other marketing channels.


If you’re planning to release your new single on iTunes, you should consider using iTunes Exposure. While it’s possible to promote your song on the Apple Music store for free, you’ll need to spend some money on promotion. A smart apple music promoter will use classified ads, social networks, and unique techniques to gain exposure and fans. To learn more about how you can promote your song, read on.

iCandy has an impressive track record as a music promotion company, with over a decade of experience. Using iTunes Exposure, artists from every continent but Antarctica have had their songs chart on iTunes while the campaign was running. Its service is transparent, so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for up front. The results are well worth the money. This service is recommended for artists that are serious about getting their music noticed by audiences.

Promoting your song on iTunes is simple – embeddable players are available online. Apple has an excellent music player embeddable on its website that allows users to hear a 30-second preview of a song. The player also displays the track list of an entire album. If you’re looking for a new way to promote your music, embed the Apple Music player onto your website or blog. Apple Music badges will be embedded on your website and can even be embedded on social media pages.

The website of iTunes Exposure is popular and regularly receives more than 1,000 unique visitors. Its success is attributed to its effectiveness, and artists visit the site to learn more. Although the website lays out most of its services, it conceals some information to avoid competitors from copycatting their campaign. There are still unique aspects to this music promotion service that separate it from the pack. If you’re a new artist, you’d be wise to choose a company that has a proven track record for promoting new artists.

iTunes pre-sale

If you’re an artist, you should consider setting up an iTunes pre-sale promotion on iTunes. Pre-sales are promotions for upcoming releases on download platforms. These pre-sales publish seven days before the actual Release date, giving you time to market your album and gain exposure. However, if you’re not sure how to go about setting up an iTunes pre-sale promotion, here are some things to keep in mind:

First, you’ll want to consider how much you’re willing to spend. Although iTunes Exposure is not free, it will cost you as little as $3 to $10 per song. It can also save you a lot of time. Apple also offers high-quality support. The downside of this service is the cost. While it’s not free, it’s well worth it if you’re looking for a great way to promote your music.

Secondly, you’ll want to consider what type of artist you’re targeting. While the iTunes pre-sale service is perfect for artists with a new release, it’s also worth exploring if you have a fan base in your chosen genre. Apple’s Apple Music platform boasts over 50 million songs, which is more than enough to give your music the exposure it deserves. By using an iTunes pre-sale promotion on iTunes Exposure, you can reach a global audience through iTunes.

A well-designed iTunes pre-sale campaign should include a link to your music on streaming services such as Spotify and Tidal. The artist’s album should also be accompanied by a marketing text. The marketing text should be complemented by a share link to content on Apple Music. This strategy has worked for thousands of artists in the past. So, it’s time to get started on your iTunes pre-sale promotion.