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17. Aug 2022
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The Chem Quest Technology Institute has entered a three-year, collaborative innovation agreement to support the growth and validation of Universal Matter’s graphene technology.

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Universal Matter seeks to leverage Chem Quest’s 40-plus years of industry expertise and technology development experience. 

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Chem Quest intends to explore the benefits of the technology in applications for paints and coatings and to identify the most valuable markets and opportunities for growth.

Universal Matter has pioneered high performing, economical graphene technology based on a range of carbon materials, including coal, cokes, biomass and recycled rubber and plastics, which dramatically reduces its environmental footprint versus graphene based on traditional feedstocks.

“Unique and valuable material”

“In this collaboration, Universal Matter seeks to leverage Chem Quest’s 40-plus years of industry expertise and technology development experience and to validate performance and value creation benefits in the target applications that will ultimately accelerate the industry transformation,” said John van Leeuwen, CEO of Universal Matter.

“Our team is excited to continue working with this unique and valuable material. Not only is Universal Matter’s graphene technology sustainable thanks to raw materials based on biological and circular sources – it is also economical, scalable and extremely high performing. This is because of its innovative and novel production process,” said Daniel Murad, CEO of The Chem Quest Group.

EC Techb Report Sustainability


EC Tech Report Sustainability

Making coating systems more environmentally compatible is a burning issue for everyone in the industry, and one that is being fuelled by the European Green Deal.
Learn all you need to know about sustainable coatings, how to produce coatings in a more environmentally friendly way and how to give coated products a longer service life. You will find an overview in the EC Tech Report of the many various approaches being adopted.
We will dive deep into the European Green Deal, its key points and main purpose as well as consequences for the coating industry, see which new raw materials are being developed to replace or lower the content of products in the SVHC group and learn about different approaches to sustainable paint formulation.

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