Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

LINCOLN CITY — Visitors of Lincoln State Park may not expect to come across the Lincoln Amphitheatre, a state of the art entertainment venue located inside the park. The fully covered outdoor venue kicked off its 35th season Saturday, May 14.

Marc Steczyk, Director of Lincoln Amphitheatre spoke on the changes, improvements, and work that has been put into the amphitheatre.

One exciting feature for The Lincoln Amphitheatre is this year’s production of the show “Makin’ a Home on Pigeon Creek: A Celebration of Lincoln Amphitheatre Musicals.” The concert performance is a celebration of crowd favorite songs that will take the audience back to the original musical of “Young Abe Lincoln” and their most recent musical of “Here I Grew Up.” The concert performance will be shown for three nights on June 23, 25 and 25.

In 2015, Indiana Destination Development Corporation took over management of the Lincoln Ampitheatre in a partnership with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Steczyk explains that they began working to address the decrease in revenue from the ampitheatre and working on encouraging attendance.

Once they began to generate revenue and get the venue back to a sustainable place, they hit the ground running.

As the venue began to stabilize starting in 2018, they began to switch their focus and efforts on investing in the off season by enhancing different features and infrastructure aspects of the venue. Enhancements included the lighting, sound systems and hoists. These improvements are things that people may not physically see when visiting Lincoln Amphitheatre but will definitely notice and is an expectation when visiting a venue.

There have also been improvements made with the recent addition of handrails into the seating area to create a safer and easier environment for venue goers to enter and exit the seating. The bathrooms at the venue have also been updated.

From 2015 to now, Lincoln Amphitheatre will reach the achievement of closing in on $1 million of revenue that has been put back into the facility.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, there were challenges presented but they powered through, explained Stecyzk. They were fortunate because they are an outdoor venue and they have a larger seating area. In 2020, they did have a limited capacity for the venue. But for the 2021 season they worked hard to fit in a full season of shows from July to October.

For the 2022 season, The Lincoln Amphitheatre is looking forward to return to more of a normal season with full crowds in the seats.

Some of the things that make Lincoln Amphitheatre unique include they are one of the largest covered outdoor venue in Southern Indiana. They also recognize their connection to Lincoln and the history of Spencer County. Being located amongst the scenery of Lincoln State Park further adds value to the uniqueness and experience of the Lincoln Amphitheatre.

The Lincoln Amphitheatre’s upcoming 2022 Performances:

• Saturday, June 4: Henry Lee Summer, presented by PSC

• Thursday, Friday and Saturday, June 23-25: Making a Home on Pigeon Creek: a Celebration of Lincoln Amphitheatre Musicals, presented by MasterBrand Cabinets with support from the Lincoln Drama Association

• Saturday, July 16: Ana Popovic, presented by Kimball International

• Saturday, July 23: The Lone Bellow, presented by the Spencer County Community Foundation & the Perry County Community Foundation

• Saturday, Aug. 13: Here Come the Mummies

• Saturday, Sept. 24: Who’s Who — a tribute to The Who

• Saturday, Oct. 1: Midnight Rider — a tribute to the Allman Brothers, presented by Hedinger Beverage Distributing Company & Key Associates Signature Realty

The Lincoln Amphitheatre is also introducing a Sunday afternoon summer series called “Amp Unplugged” for the 2022 summer season.

Individual tickets for each of the 2022 Lincoln Amphitheatre performance series events are on sale now at

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