Sat. Oct 1st, 2022


The objective of the 2022 Compendium is to compile and highlight emerging innovative health technologies for low-resource settings. It presents a snapshot of technologies that are solutions to an unmet medical/health technology need or are likely to improve health outcomes and the quality of life. Health technologies in the Compendium underwent WHO evidence-based assessments focused on the life cycle of health technology innovations for low-resource settings. The evaluation included:

• clinical assessment
• WHO technical specification comparison
• regulatory assessment
• technology evidence assessment
• health technology and engineering management assessment
• intellectual property and local production

The WHO Compendium of innovative technologies for low-resource settings 2022 presents manufacturer-reported information and the WHO assessment results for fifteen health technologies. Health technologies were classified as either commercially available (seven technologies) or prototypes (eight technologies). Each technology in the Compendium is presented in three pages summarizing the product specifications provided by the developers, the synthesis of all WHO assessments, and related WHO guidance material.

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