Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022

Dave Koenig, guitarist for the Wisconsin-based rock band Lords of Apricity, left, with Brian Joseph, right, during a recording session at The Hive, Joseph's studio, in Eau Claire, Wisc.

Recent years have dealt Brian Joseph a bad hand: a cancer diagnosis, a divorce, the loss of a significant relationship and losing grip on some career opportunities.

Now that he’s cancer-free and seeing a therapist, Joseph’s on a mission to spread mental health awareness through music.

Joseph is an Eau Claire-based music producer who’s worked on records by such recognizable names as Paul Simon, Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens, Phil Cook, Ani DiFranco, and Jenny Lewis. But for all his accomplishments, the black dog of depression crept its way into his psyche until his life felt unrecognizable. 

“I was having suicidal thoughts. My depression came to a place where it was very needed to seek help — professional help, help from my family, help from my community,” Joseph said. “That meant actually throwing up the flag and admitting that I wasn’t well, which I hadn’t done prior to that point in my life.”

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